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Emotional Vibration=
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"I have 100% closing ratio in my sales conversations because of Micaela and am monetizing my prospects more than ever!"

Lauren Powers

Celebrity Fitness Champion and Trainer

"Micaela is very good at creating strategies and all fundamentals needed to run a profitable business. I recommend to start working with her from the beginning to be clear on what you offer and maximize every business assets you have. Moreover, she does lead by example, so you actually can see that what she teaches you works."

Alexandra N’Ganga

Founder at Aullyn Cosmetics

"I've worked with Micaela for a few months now and I've gained so much clarity about my business, identified and released some trapped emotions that were holding me back and excited about what she is helping me create! Micaela knows how to ask the right questions with no judgment, just food for thought that helps me see how to move forward."

Alma Apodaca

Bank HR Executive

"I manifested $100,000 in one day after applying Micaela’s work! This emotional management stuff is amazing!"

Joseph Zarabi


"Micaela’s approach to helping her clients manifest their ideal lifestyle and to create in their own image and likeness is very unique and brilliant. She has facilitated my life progress, and has helped me immensely to understand and clarify what is happening in my life. She has helped me understand my emotional attachments to unnecessary past life experiences and helped me free myself from those attachments, so I do not repeat them again. Micaela, is very talented, capable, reliable, trustworthy, and caring. I am thankful for the support she has provided in my life. Micaela has facilitated progress in the personal, emotional, financial, and business aspects of my life. She is a caring, competent, and capable in her line of work."

Farzaneh Bibian

Founder, Heaven on Earth

"I am so grateful I took advantage of receiving Micaela's Emotional Intelligence work. I did a session with her last week and felt the benefits immediately. I was able to tap into some past blocks that I had no idea were still there until we did the work. In fact within 48 hours I was able to manifest the money I needed to continue a work project. I am excited to continue working with such a wonderful patient, aware and knowledgeable coach. I highly recommend working with this goddess."

Elizabeth Olive

Founder, Olive Yoga

"I started seeing Micaela a few months ago. What I was looking for at the time was clarity for myself, such as why I have fears, anger, pain, and to find out what was blocking me from becoming the person I knew I could be. During our time together we have gone through so much. A lot of blockages have been tapped into and I'm learning so much about myself and why some of the choices I made, were made. Finding out where my fears come from and how to overcome them. I'm learning so much about myself with Micaela's guidance and knowledge. I'm developing a stronger sense of myself and learning so much from my past and learning to also let it go and live in the present! I'm so grateful for Micaela's gentle guidance and genuine understanding of my needs to move forward! I'm forever grateful and look forward to my journey as we work together!"

Rhonda Sudbrink

Animal Whisperer

"I am fortunate to have worked with Micalea on my EQ. The beginning process, the questionnaire, is a very eye opening tool to self-observe positive and negative behaviors I have developed in my personal and professional life. What was really powerful was the assessment of the questionnaire; Micaela has fantastic insight and intuition and helped me see a few areas in my life I have to work on for reaching ultimate success. The energy clearing process was completely new to me, stirred up emotions from my past and forced my conscious self to dig deep into the depths of my unconscious mind. I am only a few hours post the session, but I am feeling a sense of lightness in my system, as if I am carrying around less negativity."

Shelby Wade

Physical Therapist

Did you know that 95% of successful people
have a high Emotional IQ (EQ)?
In order to be successful in life and live in the
#FLOW, one MUST have a high EQ.

Think of the Law of Attraction - Like Attracts Like - and then Think about the Law of Vibration - Everything in this Universe vibrates at a certain frequency.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is driven by the emotional vibration held in the subconscious related to past negative emotional experiences.

The more hooked into our negative emotions, the lower the vibration. The heavier the vibration, the lower the EQ.
The more disconnected from our past negative emotional experiences, the higher the vibration. 

The higher the vibration, the higher the EQ and Wealth Potential!
Want to find out what is the driving force underneath all of your
behaviors, patterns, results and success?

Want to understand what your Wealth Potential is and
how to raise it?

Want to release some of the trapped emotions in your subconscious that, unbeknownst to you, are weighing you down and driving your decisions, your actions and your results?
Wealth Vibration Scale
Find out what your Wealth Potential
 is on the Wealth Vibration Scale to Understand your Capacity to Receive more Abundance!
Download Micaela Passeri's Wealth Vibrational Scale
Remember, #COURAGE is the foundation
& starting point to get into Flow & achieve the
income goals (relationship, intimacy, health, etc) you set
out to manifest.
If you are vibrating below Courage, you are in resistance,
you are fighting life and you are surviving not #THRIVING.

Raising your Emotional Intelligence & Vibration, thus your Wealth Potential,
will take you out of survival & into
​Intentional Manifestation
where anything your heart desires can come to fruition.
Download Micaela Passeri's Wealth Vibrational Scale
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